Derk - Choconut - Camouflage veneer


camouflage fineer 
camouflage fineer camouflage fineer

The principal was immediately taken once it got its hands on a sample of Choconut veneer.  Derk Thomassen created a unique kitchen via the spatial design and the application of this exclusive veneer type.

The structure of the veneer applied in its solid look was processed in such a way that the drawing carries on and everything fits in nicely with everything else. By giving a project finished in wood veneer a little more consideration, a nicer end result can be achieved according to Kuiper Plaatveredeling B.V.

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Our projects

  • Courtyard Hotel Amsterdam
  • Office SADC - Oak veneer
  • L'Europe Hotel Amsterdam
  • Delta Lloyd - Hoofdkantoor
  • Oak / Lime - Oostergracht
  • Kitchen Camouflage