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Renovation and interior design of the offices of BarentsKrans The Hague - Hofman Dujardin Architecten

Kuiper Plaatveredeling carefully selected the colour and structure of the veneered panelling for the walls and ceiling. Part of the oak veneered walls with a parquet look were also added so that the structure of the wooden floors runs into the walls. Adding the oak for each log in a solid look effect created a homogenous effect for the entire project.    

Eiken fineer Eiken fineer

Eiken fineer Eiken fineer

Connecting atria

The offices of solicitors and notaries BarentsKrans moved in 2013 to their completely renovated premises on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague. Hofman Dujardin Architecten of Amsterdam is responsible for the design of the renovation, the interior and the layout. A tailor-made product was created for BarentsKrans in cooperation with project management office CBRE. The building De Zeven Provinciën, created in the 1950s spans a total of 5,200 square metres over six floors. The premises consist of an entrance hall with a stately natural stone façade on het Lange Voorhout and an outbuilding on Hoge Nieuwstraat. There are two atria in the heart of the building.

The design by Hofman Dujardin Architecten is based on opening and connecting the two central atria. In the heart of the building is an open transparent meeting zone with the two spatial atria on both sides. The floor, the ceiling and the furniture in this meeting area are completed in natural oak. The reception desk, the lobby, the new steel stairs and the extensions of the library and the coffee bar are located here. The ground floor is an open transparent area with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Oak tables are alternated with floor coverings and chairs with a natural tranquil colour combination.

Next to the central meeting zone, there is a conference centre on the side of the Lange Voorhout. The marble entrance floor provides on one hand a nice contrast between the entrance and the oak-designed conference centre and on the other hand, a stylish effect to the entrance area. The colourful Vitra conference chairs glitter in the conference rooms in a neutral natural setting with walnut veneer tables and warm natural colour combinations of walls, ceiling and floor.

Via the new dark-coloured steel step in the meeting zone, you enter the open conference and meeting areas on the floors. The floors and ceilings in these areas are also consistently finished in oak. The coffee pantries and the open conference areas are located on the floors in the central parts. There is a strong relationship with the open spatial atria from this central part. On the first  to the third  floor in the entrance hall and the outbuilding are the closed work rooms and the open secretariat workplaces. Also here, the choice was for a neutral light natural colour combination alternated with colourful chairs. All rooms are fitted with very solid Unifor work and consultation areas that can be used by both partners and employees. On the top floor is the new restaurant with a free-flow distribution arrangement an interior with natural light warm materials and colours.

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