unique type of veneer - end-grain oak

For the layout of the renovated BLUE32 shops, Quadro Winkel- en Projectinrichting applied a unique type of veneer for the counter and other interior fittings. 

In order to create more of a feeling of actual tree trunks in the shop, the architect Louis Sjouwerman chose for this project a combination of end-grain oak veneer with standard oak veneer. The effective cooperation between Quadro and Kuiper has led to a satisfied end customer. BLUE32 is very satisfied with the end result delivered to date in the refurnished shops.

Kops eiken fineer Kops eiken fineer

For this project, Kuiper Plaatveredeling processed the end-grain oak veneer into refined panelling for the first time. Cutting the end-grain cut veneer sheets into squares using laser technology and then joining these back together creates a unique design.
This also characterizes the Kuiper Plaatveredeling method. An innovative business with everything in-house for delivering a total package of decorative panelling.

The end-grain oak veneer is applied to the top sides of the interior. Standard oak veneer was chosen for the interior sides. This gives the impression that there are completely sawn tree trunks in the shop on which the clothing is presented. 

blue 32 kops eiken

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