House - Oak veneer / Table - Lime veneer

Interior project with oak flat-cut veneer/lemon veneer table

Commissioned by an interior designer from Haarlem, Oostergracht Meubelwerk op Maat completed an interior in flat-cut oak. The veneer was from Kuiper Plaatveredeling BV. All the veneer with which Oostergracht Meubelwerk op Maat works comes from Kuiper. From oak to lemon veneer. A pretty interior was designed and created in cooperation with the designer. The drawing of the veneer continues so that it becomes a beautiful whole.

eiken fineer

eiken fineer      eiken fineer
 The table in lemon veneer was recently produced for an association in Amsterdam. A pretty piece of furniture completed in a unique type of veneer.

citroen fineer

The owner Harold van Breukelen is actually a qualified optician/optometrist. 
Sixteen years ago, he came across an interior design company. Through his keenness to learn, Harold quickly became at home in the interior business and has meanwhile expanded the sole trader’s business that he started 16 years ago into a nice business with the latest precision tools employing a staff of 14. Delivering hight quality is of prime importance. With speciality and professionalism as the basic points. Each piece of furniture must be created and processed with the greatest care and precision for detail.

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