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SADC… a special project

When it became known that SADC (Schiphol Area Development Company) had moved, INTOS was asked to handle the layout of the special furniture. The assignment entailed among other things, the developing of the entry desk, the layout of the repro storeroom, a pantry, wall cupboards, wardrobe units, conference rooms, concentration workplaces, benches and a brainstorm area. Eyecatchers here are the three organically formed walls three metres high in white lacquered oak bending three-ply wood supplied by Kuiper Plaatveredeling. These walls together span at least 130 long metres!  These “winding” walls stand alone in this area and also conceal various spaces in their “hollows” from conference room to concentration workspace. 

SADC eiken

The planning was tight: the entire project had to be completed in 10 weeks: from drawing to delivery. It is precisely in this type of situation that effective harmony is required between all parties. Trust, flexibility and clear communication are essential. INTOS selected the veneer itself from Kuiper Plaatveredeling together with the architect, APTO. This was given careful selection before finally choosing quarter-cut veneer. INTOS is very positive regarding the quality and service of Kuiper Plaatveredeling. Theo Spanjaart: “It is precisely because we ourselves feel these things are so important that we also expect this of our suppliers. If you are on the same wavelength, this can only benefit cooperation. The client, SADC was clearly very satisfied on delivery. The pleasant cooperation between all parties including SADC itself certainly contributed to this. 

APTO eiken APTO eiken
APTO eiken APTO eiken

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