Sucupira veneer in kitchen and interior

Interior design "Marcel Wolterinck" - Sucupira veneer

For the new layout of a house in Baarn, the architect Marcel Wolterinck  
chose Sucupira veneer. A large part of the new interior manufactured by Hardeman Betimmeringen of Lunteren is fitted with this South American type of veneer. Kuiper Plaatveredeling delivered the defined panels for this project and processed all panels per log thus creating a homogenous image.

The wood type Sucupira also known as Sucupira Preta, Tatabu and Alcornoque is a dark hard wood from South America. Sucupira looks a bit like Wengé veneer. This type of wood originally came to the Netherlands from Suriname and was called Zwarte Kabbes. It was used a lot in the 1950s and 1960s for furniture, floors and the inside of churches. Sucupira is currently still used in luxury interior projects. 


sucupira sucupira

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