Intrema - Villa provided with oak veneer

Conversion of a luxurious villa in Enschede – cooperation with Intrema Interieurbouw & Kuiper Plaatveredeling B.V.

When a house is due for renovation, many people ask where to start. What you want is to be able to hand this over to one business that will provide you with honest advice and a final result that you will enjoy for years. One-stop shopping is what many people want when it come to conversions. One contact point and one business that you work with so the lines remain short at all times and communication remains possible. Intrema Interieurbouw is specialised in designing, supervising and carrying out conversions and customized interiors in the widest sense of the word.

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For conversion work but also customized kitchens, bathrooms, floors and complete customized interiors, Intrema Interieurbouw can help. This was the reason why a contact from Enschede entrusted Intrema Interieurbouw with its plans. The plan was to have their fantastic 1970s villa of which the top floor at that point was a large attic completely converted to a luxurious villa with every luxury and comfort. Intrema quickly got to work in order to be able to give this contact a feeling and idea of what the final end result could be like. A team of interior designers went to work to combine the family’s plans with Intrema’s ideas. 

So as to finally produce a complete conversion and interior plan with 3-D visuals.
This plan also dealt with the materials. Sturdy materials combined with the warmth of wood was one of the requirements, which Intrema certainly had to bear in mind. The choice for Kuiper Plaatveredeling as a supplier of the defined components was therefore quickly made. The oak quarter-cut - rift veneer was carefully selected per log. In order to achieve unity in the structure, veneer from the same logs was applied both for the dark and the light-stained components.

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