Kuiper walnut veneer for Villa

Bone was able to display both activities for a special project involving a villa in a woody district of Brabant. For this villa, Bone Interieurwerken developed and produced all the customized interior components using the knowledge and service of Kuiper plaatveredeling.  Bone selected the veneer from Kuiper together with the principal in order to achieve an overall image of the many pieces of furniture, wall covering and wash basins.

photos: Margot Voets
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The kitchen and room offer a free view of an enormous wall on the ground floor and first split-level layer. The wall is completed in American walnut veneer with panelling on the front consisting of 144 square panels with a slant below and above. The rear is finished with the same veneer but on a black undercoat. Grooves were applied here to break up large surfaces. In this wall, there is a toilet, various boxes and passages to the rear areas. A very complex design for which Bone’s team sought the right solution in order to achieve this eyecatcher.

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photos: Margot Voets

The walnut veneer is the guiding principle through the magnificent villa consisting of three split-level layers. The washbasins, cloakrooms, video walls, bar furniture, multimedia wall and some bedroom furniture have been finished with veneer. 

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photos: Margot Voets

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