Every veneer is unique, so choose!

Our veneer specialists will be pleased to help you in seeing through your veneer product.

No tree is the same, each log veneer is unique. The possibilities are endless, you have to choose. 
Your design has a meaning. This is why we prefer to personally select the veneer with you that fits in with your idea and the character of your project so that everything meets your expectations. 

We have been in Tubbergen, in the north of Twente for decades but the centre of the Netherlands when it comes to panel refining. It may be out of your way but we will make sure that your trip is always worthwhile. Even if this is only due to the Twente hospitality. Make an appointment, so we know you are coming. 
You are most welcome.

Our veneer specialists

Hans Golbach    Rene van der Laan    Arnoud Slaghuis    Thijs Haarhuis
Hans Golbach                   Rene van der Laan          Arnoud Slaghuis              Thijs Haarhuis
hans@fineer.nl                 rene@fineer.nl                 arnoud@fineer.nl            thijs@fineer.nl 


Ready to start your project?

As a committed partner, we like to get involved with the projects of our customers at an early stage, working closely together to reach optimal results.

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